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Collecting Prints & Drawings

Cabinets of prints and drawings belong to the earliest art collections of Early Modern Europe. Some of them achieved astounding longevity such as the Florentine Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe at the Uffizi. The fame which they acquired then demanded for an ordered and scientific display. Keepers were employed to ensure that fellow enthusiasts as well as visiting courtiers, diplomats and also artists might have access to the print room. Documenting an encyclopaedic approach to knowledge, prints and drawings often depicted parts of the collection in the form of a paper museum. They spread its fame, and with it the renown of its owner, across Europe and into new worlds of collecting East and West.

Themes of this conference include, e.g., the importance of such collections for the self-representation of a prince or connoisseur; the reliability of the presentation of a gallery’s picture hang in prints and drawings; differences in the approach to collecting, presentation and preservation of prints and drawings in diverse parts of the world as well as the afterlife of such collections to the present day; institutional collecting and cultural sponsors (banks, industry, foundations).

The programme includes two excursion. The first one takes place at the “Graphische Sammlung” in Munich on Friday afternoon. From there we go to Kloster Irsee together. The second one is scheduled for Sunday to the Burg Trausnitz, Landshut. The costs of these excursions will be shown separately in due time.

The conference language is English. 

No. 14046

13.06.2014 bis 15.06.2014

Beginn 18.30 Uhr
Ende ca. 11.00 Uhr


DZ 230,00 € / EZ 254,00 € Tagesgebühr (ohne Unterkunft und Verpflegung) 30,00 €


Dr. Sylvia Heudecker, Schwabenakademie Irsee.
Dr. Andrea Gáldy
, Collecting & Display, London/Ottobeuren. 
Dr. Angela M. Opel, Dozentin für Kunst- und Designgeschichte, Designtheorie, Hochschule Augsburg.


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